fossa cendres

L´ Última llar has all kinds of graves (individual and collective), for all types of pets.

On the left we can see the grave of ashes coming from cremated animals. On down we can see the common grave.

L´ Última llar has a 24 hours customer attention service, a large parking lot for vehicles and a play zone, besides other services.

L´Última llar offers the possibility of burning the animals in individual graves.

There are different-sized individual for all types of pets.

By the individual grave a monolith with a plaque to identify your pet. There, the onwer of pet can put an inscription and picture of the pet.

fossa comu
fossa individual

The pet´s cemetery has a last generation incinerator and hight technology validated by the ministry of industry of Spain.

Our customers have the option of choosing between the classical burial (in individual or common grave), or the cremation. If the later is chosen, our customer can either place the ashes in the common grave or bring them home.



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